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See if your FANUC-controlled CNC
machine has active support libraries.

Secure Data Servers

See if your FANUC-controlled CNC
machine has active support libraries.









• Time Management • Efficiency • Productivity • Increased Profitability • Accountability •

Achieving these goals requires you to make the best use of the 24 hours in each day. Whether you are establishing new contacts, securing the next contract, or researching your next capital investment; information is the key to your success. Uptime-Pro allows you and your staff to access your manufacturing status from any web enabled device. People respect what you inspect.

 Bullet  Enables you to stay connected to your factory production by collecting and displaying real-time statistics. Connected machines are polled every three seconds. Data is collected, stored, backed up, and transferred through our enterprise grade secure data servers.

Bullet  Machines can be monitored using the “utilization time bar” to clearly see periods of inactivity. One benefit is seen through personnel becoming more “productive” as they become more conscious of their actions. All reports can be automated for automatic delivery via email to as many users as desired.

Bullet  You can display real time information, long and short term trends by machine, department or shift configuration to measure continuous improvement efforts. Uptime-Pro’s machine utilization metric is asset based not labor or revenue based.

Bullet  Use the lean measurement tools and the raw data export to analysis variations in cycle time, idle time, changes in CNC programs and to quantify improvement activities for ROI justification of new process and labor configurations.

Bullet  If an E-stop condition occurs, an email alert can be generated and sent to the appropriate personnel automatically.

Bullet  Systems can be set up to provide wired or wireless communication between monitored machines using your existing IT infrastructure.

Bullet  Using a fully scalable system provides flexibility to meet the requirements of small shops, through full-scale manufacturing plants and everything in between.


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