Increasing the production efficiency of your capital equipment investments, along with their human counterparts, is attained by a small monthly investment that can yield a large ROI and boost your bottom line each and every day. Check out the “Benefit Calculator” for real world numbers.


Unlimited access on the number of machine tools connected. Please see subscription pricing table below (pricing does not include installation or hardware).


No Licensing of “seats” and no user maximums with the subscription. Your internal administrator can assign access to as many users as desired.



A complete technical assessment is required to provide a firm quotation and an assessment can be conducted onsite or with remote assistance via the internet and video services such as Skype.

The table below reflects an accurate cost estimate and is subject to change depending on actual conditions encountered during the assessment and periodic labor and material adjustments. In general the newer the equipment the higher degree of accuracy and the less “Legacy 2 and 3” equipment that requires specific engineering and long installation times the lower the overall costs.



  • •   Self-installation is also available with remote and video support for the subscriber. This will result in lower costs than the table above and is determined based on the technical assessment, subscriber resources (maint., IT, etc..) and overall project scope. Detailed manuals are available for the installation of the hardware, the hardware programming and the set-up/use of the software.
  • •   Wireless network costs may be lower than the estimates above depending on placement of the equipment. The ability to use “n-port” routers and bridges to create small nodes of machines that are connected to an n-port device that then connects to the wireless access point will be determined in the technical assessment. The table above ASSUMES an industrial class single port Ethernet Bridge is required at every machine tool which is the worst case scenario with respect to hardware costs.
If you have any questions or need a personal hand in your decision, we are here to help.
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