Uptime-PRO is a low cost subscription based data collector for your business. It provides useful production reports and real-time utilization information that allows you to graphically see and maximize the productive time of your assets. Getting started requires very little capital investment.

Uptime-PRO works by automatically connecting your machine tools via the internet to our secure data servers. Each connected machine, regardless of its brand, will have its operational data stored whenever it is under power and communicating through your facility network. Your shop connections are managed by you. Machines and departments can be freely added as needed within your subscription. Data is stored and backed up off-site so you do not have to purchase, implement and maintain another data center within your facility. All machine tools, regardless of brand, will use the same report format to display operational data.

Uptime-PRO can connect to three basic styles of machine tools:

FANUC based i-series CNC machine tools using a “FOCAS” Library function
(If you are not sure if your FANUC controlled machine uses FOCAS, download our “Compatibility Checker”)


Haas CNC controls using the “Machine Data Collect” function
(Make sure function setting 143 is turned “ON”)


Legacy (discrete I/O) CNC controls or PLC based controls
(This method requires some electrical knowledge. A 24 volt control signal is required
to connect the network I/O module)

Data collector” software provided by Uptime-PRO runs on a networked PC and polls your machine tools every three seconds. 

Basic reports include: 5-Week Department Summary, Long and Short term machine utilization by day or hour. Individual Machine Utilization, Department Utilization, and Department Summary. 

You can also “drill down” into more detail to provide a clearer picture of how your machine tools have been utilized over a given period of time and export 100% of the data to Excel, Cognos or other advanced reporting tools. 

Reports can be viewed online, in real-time, from anywhere that you can access the internet. Reports can be emailed directly to you automatically on your schedule.

For a full review of the reports and outputs please go to the “Sample Reports” page on this website.

Here is a sampling of MINIMUM information that can be collected, displayed, analyzed and tracked:

Operation Time Analysis and Reporting (will separate time into four categories):

  •              “In-cycle” Whenever the machine tool is executing a program
  •              “Idle” Whenever the machine tool is in “memory” mode, not “in-cycle, and not in an alarm state
  •              “Unavailable” Any other mode (jog, set-up, edit) etc., or alarm state
  •              “Offline” Machine is not reporting data (usually because it is “off”)

Operation Efficiency Analysis

Part Production Cycle Counting - available only with Haas and FOCAS library machines. 
Program, alarm codes, and machine mode are also available from Haas and FOCAS enabled machines.

The ability to do comparison analysis by selected machines, shifts, dates, or programs

To get started you will need a working network structure that can handle the communications, and an independent PC to run the “data collection” program. The “data collector” software will run on your own Windows based PC or we can recommend a low-cost dedicated PC that will meet the specifications. This data software acts as the traffic manager of information within your connected network to the outside, through your firewall, to our enterprise grade secure data servers.

Machines are connected through your building TCP/IP ethernet network so that the “data collection” application can reach them via your network. Your IT staff, Uptime-Pro or an outside consultant can help you if you need to set up networking in your shop.


Recommended Connection Equipment
(procured Uptime-PRO or through third party suppliers)

Computer for running “Data Collector”:

ACER Veriton style small form factor PC running Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.


Use routers, hubs, switches, wireless access points appropriate to your current network structure.

Machine connection:

FANUC controlled “FOCAS” based connection:

Cat5 Ethernet cable for direct connection to each machine RJ45 ethernet jack.

Haas CNC:

Ethernet to serial port server and a “Black Box” brand EVMTBPC-0019 cable (AT printer to serial cable).

Legacy CNC:

Advantech ADAM-6052 Ethernet to DI/O module (16 channel SOURCE type DI/O module) wired to selected signals per installation diagram determined during the technical assessment.


Getting Started

Getting started is easy. All you will need is:
Computer to run the “Data Collector” software
Cat5 network
Technical Assessment of your machine tools to determine the hardware required (if any) based on the machine tools you will be connecting. This can be done remotely with phone guided service or via an onsite representative from Uptime-PRO.
Installation (scope determined during the technical assessment phase), verification and training on the software.
Subscription service to Uptime-PRO 

If you have any questions or need a personal hand in your decision, we are here to help.
Contact Uptime-PRO Account Manager (763)476-8600