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What is Uptime-PRO?
Uptime-PRO is a website based system that gives manufacturers remote access and status reporting of their machine tools. Both operational information and production efficiency information are available along with short and long term trend analysis.

Can I access real-time information when I am out of the office?
Yes! You can access your subscriber account from any web enabled device.

What brands of machines can I monitor?
CNC machines with FANUC i-series CNC controls with FOCAS Libraries enabled, Haas CNC controls with the “Machine Data Collect” setting active. PLC based machine tools and legacy CNC machines can be monitored in a more limited fashion by using an Ethernet based remote I/O box connected to your machine status beacons or indicator LEDs.


Can Uptime-PRO help estimate the benefit of increased efficiency?
Yes! A Benefit Calculator is provided to help estimate your savings. Click to use the "Benefit Calculator".


What are FOCAS Libraries?

FOCAS is a set of PC-based communication libraries that allow PC-based computing platforms access to FANUC CNC controllers that are capable of supporting the FOCAS Libraries. The word FOCAS is an acronym for GE FANUC Open Factory CNC API Specifications.


How do I know if my machines have FOCAS Libraries available for monitoring?

Your machine tool dealer can find out for you, or you can download our free FOCAS Detector from our website to test any FANUC CNC machines that are connected to your network.


Does Uptime-PRO require any additional software or hardware to install?

Uptime-PRO provides a windows data-collecting application running on a PC inside of your business firewall. This PC has to have access to our website server for sending the data used by the notification and reporting services.


What browsers can I use?

The website has been tested using Internet Explorer IE6,7,8, Google Chrome and FireFox (Mozilla) browsers.


How do I find a pinging address?

You have to understand basic Ethernet TCP/IP addressing functions or have an IT professional available to help you.


Can I add or remove machines? Do I have to have someone else do it, or can I do it myself?

You have full administrator access to your subscription to add, change, or delete machines, departments, and users within your own subscription.


Can I have different levels of access?

There are two levels of website access: Report Viewer and Administrator.


What information is gathered / reported / available?

Sample reports with actual machine data from live production are on the “Sample Reports” page. These reports are loosely defined around industry standard OEE efficiency calculations. In addition to overall equipment effectiveness numbers, you also get limited production cycle counting and real-time status of connected machines. You also have the ability to do comparison analysis by selected machines, shifts, dates, or programs. Your data can also be exported locally to your PC for those times that you might need to make your own custom report.


Can I export reports to my computer?

Yes! Currently, you can export report data in .csv and .pdf formats.


How do I setup a machine for monitoring?

You must have your PLC or CNC machine connected to the PC that is placed within your company’s firewall. Your IT person can assist in assigning IP addresses to your machines. For Haas machines you will also need to provide an Ethernet to serial converter on each machine that is connected to that machine's serial port. For legacy machines, by their nature of their age, it is best to contact us with the machine information and we will go from there.


Is my data secure?

Yes! Your data resides on a 24/7 secured / redundant enterprise web-host data center. You, and only you, have access to the password encrypted information that is specific to your subscription.


Who would benefit from Uptime-PRO?

Any manufacturer who is trying to improve their output or efficiency. Uptime-PRO lets you identify areas to improve by giving you a clear picture of how your machines are being utilized, where and when downtime occurs, and helps define areas for improvement. Train production personnel to be aware of their inactivity, and provide your production management team with the tools to improve output.


Can you remotely change the status of a machine?

You need administrator access to your subscription configuration area. This will generally be someone other than “Operations” or “Management” personnel. Your designated administrator can change reporting status.


How far back can I request reports? Can I pick my own time frame?

Your data will be kept for 24 months then the oldest records will roll off first and be replaced with new data. We have additional data storage plans for longer periods if required. This will be quoted by request and is dependent on the number of machines being monitored.


How does the program count cycles?

For machines that gather data through the FOCAS Libraries or through Haas “Machine Data Collect” the report watches system variable #3901 (or another variable directly chosen by you). In each reporting period the cycle count is the difference between the end cycle count and the beginning cycle count listed in this variable. For discrete I/O machines, the data gatherer watches for transitions from “in-cycle” to any other state. Each state transition will be counted as a “cycle-count”. This may not be your actual part production, but should give you a very good comparison to your expectations.


Do updates come with the subscription, or do I have to purchase them as they become available?

This service / software is subscription based; so all updates will become instantly available as they are developed. There are no upgrades that you need to do and no future purchases for enhancements.


What is the availability of Tech Support (24/7)?

Tech support is available during normal business hours (8am-5pm central time) at 763.742.1237.


Can I see all of my machines on one page? Can I change views/only have data I want?

You can see all machines within a department on one page, but you will only have those views available that are defined within our system.


Do I need a separate server?

No. You do need a very simple PC with a simple router attached for a small shop, or you can have your system administrator choose a PC that will support our data gathering application. See our How It Works page for a list of suggested equipment.


How many seats do I get with my subscription?

You need one subscription for each data server (within each firewall). After that, you can connect as many machines as you like (based on your subscription level).


If I do not renew my subscription, can I still access my information?

If you cancel your subscription, your data will no longer be accessible.


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