FOCAS Library Detector

(FOCAS is an acronym for GE FANUC OpenFactory CNC API Specifications)


FANUC-controlled tools use a library of “computer function calls” to manage and query the state of the CNC machine. This set of “function calls” are called the FOCAS Libraries.

The FOCAS Library Detector has been developed by Productivity, Inc., to determine if these libraries are installed and activated on FANUC-controlled CNC machine tools. By entering the network address (or IP address) and port of one of your machines, this tool has the ability to verify if the libraries are activated. This is a Microsoft® Windows program created with Microsoft® .NET technology.


The FOCAS Library Detector installation is an MSI installation setup file. Click on the link below to start the download of the installation package.


32 bit • Depending on the computer you are using you might need the 64-bit operating system version of this program. Check this by looking at the Properties of your Computer, on the System tab. You might find some help here: Computer Type FAQ
• Microsoft® Windows security may require you to allow this to download.
64 bit